Testimonials and Recommendations

“We moved in to our house in the spring of 2014 and a month after I walked in to the basement to a flood. The people who lived here before us hid the major issue of the house being below grade and a HUGE hole in the foundation exposing the house to dirt. Every time it would rain the right way we would have a flood.

Anthony, Joe and Nicolas with Empire plumbing not only dug up our basement and spent hours hauling out bags and bags of dirt and concrete to put in a floor drain (since there wasn’t one down there when there should have been) as well as put in a draining system against the wall to stop the flooding from coming in to our house. They were so accommodating and made sure this was done before our daughter’s first birthday party weeks before Christmas.

They were so kind, they showed that they cared about my family. They showed that you can be a successful company and still care about your customers. These days, you don’t come by that very often.

I highly recommend this company for any and all your plumbing needs. I would have been happy to pay them more for their hard manual labor that is involved in their job.”

Jamie C.

Troy, MI, Yelp!

“These are the guys you want working in your home. Honesty and integrity are alive and well at Empire. Thanks very much!” Linda R.


“Great work & fair pricing. They came quickly and fixed our issues that day.”

Laura D.


“Helped my mom out fix a leak in her condo. Friendly, knowledgeable, efficient! Only company to use for you plumbing needs! She is still bragging about how happy she is and the job is done plus added bonus how nice the plumber was! He went above and beyond by installing much needed bars in her shower after he replaced and fixed her leak.”

Catherine B.


“Very nice dude’s at a great price very knowledgeable Professional.”

Bruce P.


“Don’t waste your time looking for a plumber. Empire is the one you should looking for today. They’re super professional. They did it on time and best service. I highly recommended call them and never let you down and regret. Empire means Trust. Tony and Anthony you are awesome.
Thank you for your service.”

Karim H.

Dearborn, MI, Google Reviews

“Folks, all the other 5 star reviews are absolutely correct. A second generation whose sons do the father right. Prompt, reasonable priced, honest, what more can you ask for.”

Daniel L.

Mt. Clemens, MI, Yelp!